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da wrld iz aginzt me!!!11 [Aug. 15th, 2004|07:03 pm]
[Depression |depresseddepressed]
[music |handz doun - dashbord]

lyek 2dai wuz soooo hartbr8kin yo i mene i just no mi rentz r out 2 get me i meen i told my mom 2 pik ^ chikn sosage but nsted she got chikn n PORK!!!!111 i mena she sed it wus a acsidnt ya rite!! and mi mom waz washin da babi who she luvs mor dan me of cors n she didnt evn leve a hrs supli ouf hott wotr lft 4 me can u blve it??/ n @ skul mi frend bumpt mi sholdur agnst hrs n sed it was a acsidnt
lyke ya rite! so i rote a poum bout da wrld trin 2 steel mi sol!!!

blak drknez
da wrld hatez mi blak hair
blak leik mi hart
mi hart iz blac frum evry1
i h8 da wrld
bleeedin rist
frum da wurld
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amd j dtest ms parents! [Jun. 9th, 2004|09:02 pm]
[Depression |angryangry]
[music |gawkthik 4eva - life sux so lets dye]

mes parents sont trop mechant. j demand a maman si je peu v o un concert et elle a dit non parce ke j na pa fini mes devors. kestke c'est?! je ne ve pas finr mes devors, je ne vais pas finr mes devyrs. ce nest pas just! je vais me tuer parce ke je swi kelke opresse. pooop. :-(

(ah, mon francais est terrible . . . je m'excuse . . . mais, le francais terrible peut aide un rant mauvais, oui? . . . .)
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omg so liek, dis iz mah angst aplication i hope im depressed enuf [Jun. 7th, 2004|11:00 pm]
[Depression |crazycrazy]
[music |Gackt - Vanilla]

mi sol is filt w/ darkness cuz da rilly HoTt GuY i LyKe dosnt want in mah pants. iv cried so long mi black makeup is all ovr my face n cloze but it dosnt mater, my cloze r blak 2. evrythin is blak! nutin maters

pain burns w/in mi as i star, lost, confuzzled, n unoing wat 2 do. o wo iz mi! ir eech 4 mi only solace, da razorblayd, an bcum lost in da deep red fyre of mah beeeeutiful blud. its such a releef n expreshun of mi AGONY, itz an adiction, a cravin. mah sol is so num n paynefull dat i just cnt stop!

og od plz kill me.//,,,

no1 understandz mi. i hav no emoshun! i am nutin. luvless, solless.

mi sol is ful of diiiiip, dark, inky blacknezz. it endz here! buhbyz creul wurld! lol cya l8rz. i shll slit mi rists opn w/diz nife. da blood porz down mi arms. i cri out in paynnne! mi mom cumz into da room n tellz mi to stop she duznt undrSTAND, she nevr has! no1 undrztandz mi agony//////1

plz mebbe u cn help w/ my agony?
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its my live [Mar. 24th, 2004|05:58 pm]

[Depression |crushedcrushed]
[music |linkin park - in the end]

1 wurd to summ up 2day,,,,,nihilism. i just h8 how no body cares if i die. i asced my frend if she wuld care if i left this creul wurld an she says yes but i knew shes lieing. and my idoit perants. they want me 2 getdrugs or sumthin haha but u kno wat i said i said i got ur drugs rite herre andlit a blunt haha it was hillarous haha oh wow haha but ya as evedince of how tha wurld h8s me seh grunded me,,,,,

i got my inglesh paper back, stuopid teacher gud thing she deos'nt get payd much haha. she gaiv me a d and she wrote taht teh cunvennsions were bad and my grammer and my speling and i culd have showen more orginazasion and how i use runon sintances, whateva. Peple jus do'nt under stand my ideas the dum confurmists tihnk taht no body can c the wurld deffarentaly, whateva. i'm not wuried about colage tho. i'll be dead be4 then anyways. like linkin park says the clock tiks live away,,,,,
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~*~*~*~<3 <3 hAy GuYz i HoPe U LiEk <3 <3 ~*~*~ [Mar. 24th, 2004|01:47 pm]

[Depression |angryangry]
[music |ICP - ICP]

wtf i hate my family they're all liek STEVE YOU HAVE TO STOP KNOCKING THINGS OVER and i'm all liek GOD DAN STOP TELLING ME WHAT TO DO YOU TOO MOM GOD then liek i leave and i og over to josh's house and we smoke some pto and trhen liek my mom calls my cell and says STEVE COME HOME FOR DINNER AND I'M LIEK NO MOM YOU STUPID HWORE GOD I HATE YOU

i hate my family god i ahte them so much i want to smash their fuckign fasces in with a hammer OF MY FIST GOD

inf act i've been so cucking angry lately that i've started writing angry lyrics for my metal band that i want tos tart some day ehre's a song i call FUCK YOU

hey you
fuck you
that's right
fuck you
hey you
fuck you
you're shit
you're scum
i hate you
you're shit
fuck you
you're fucking shit
beneath my sh eos
fuck you fuck you
i hate youh
hey you fucking pig
that's right
look at me you fucking pig
fuck you
i hate you
go to hell
die die die
die pig die
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(no subject) [Feb. 29th, 2004|12:16 am]

[Depression |h8ing]
[music |limp bizkit - break stuff]

omg k so leik theres this gril who sits beind me in engish n we were having a group discusion about ho wleik... wether or not communism is better or capitolism... basicaly the techer is a facist an she doesn know THE TRUTH ABOUT CAPITOLISM or anarchism n liek, the girl sed that in the untied satets we r more free... wut a cunt... an i said ya sure free 2 kill an rape other cuntries... an the coropration own every1 in other countrie... n liek the girl was totally didnt no what 2 say
an now the class h8s me b cuz imma anarchist but i dun care at all cuz the whole world h8s me 2
an u all h8 me 2
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(no subject) [Feb. 27th, 2004|09:47 pm]

[Depression |dispair]
[music |AFI - angsty agnostic]

so like, i was at my moms house having diner, and then my stepdad was all omg fags.... and iwas all.... omg you facist.... and then i hit him in the face. but now he wont let me use the car, and i ws like u fuker! u cnt do that! and he was all, yes i cn you little shit, and then i ran away and stole the car, and am at a freidns house now.

~blood rayne ~
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mod pozt [Feb. 26th, 2004|11:49 pm]

[Depression |liek cuttign]
[music |blink182 - reckless abandon]

okie hi u guyz i am wun of tha modoratirz herre at angstfilledteen and liek, wut i say goz, okie? yah, i thot u wud agre ewithme. becuz i am the apitomee of agnst nda all uv taht!

so yah kepe triein gtoo get in cuz u watn 2 b atgsny liek me!1
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uumm my punk rawk poum!!11 [Feb. 26th, 2004|09:37 pm]

[Depression |sooisidal]
[music |Avril Laveen]

ok so i was sittting in my black punk rawk room yesturday, litsening to Avril Laveen and thikning about how shes so lyke punk and stuff, and hten my dad comes in and sez that I need to do my h/w, and I wuz lyke, FUKC U IMMA PUNK I DONT DO WURK, an then he grounded me so im lyke so ha8ting him write now :( and so now i cant have bondadge sex w/ my b/f toomurrow but oh well i mite kill myself tonite cuz my hole famly h8tes me and my life is a big dark room
i wrote a poum too. i hope u like it.

blood blood blood
blood blood blood
blood blood
they h8te me
cus imma punk

sum ppl say i don t rite vrry good poums but they r a bunch of pozerz neway.
im gunno go lisen to avril laveen now.

i h8te every1.
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(no subject) [Feb. 26th, 2004|09:19 pm]

[Depression |depresseddepressed]
[music |tears hittin the desk]

k, so 2day wuz the werst day eva. i h8 my life soooooo much...its like...stupid....and like sux. me and my bf were like tryin to have sex and this nautzy teacher liek came and yell at us for like pda. omg it wuz soooo stuupid. umm....i h8 my life my family h8s me...u prolly h8 me so im gonna go to church. becuz i kno that if i pretend to practice this...ppl will think im liek a guud person. so yeh. plz dont h8 me.....
i gonna kill myself if u dont lemme join
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