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I jUsT cAn'T sTaNd It

I jUsT cAn'T sTaNd It AnYmOrE

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Everyday is jus 2 unbearable to live.
When will it all jus end?
Plz end soon.
Before I cut thru the wrist.
And let th blud pour dwn.

angstfilledteen is an angst rating community. There are rules to follow. Not following these rules will result in an Angsty ban.

1. Post angst to be rated by the community members. At least a few paragraphs, however that is subject to judgment, if you can sum your angst up in one sentence, that's fine.

2. A voting period of 24 hours after you post will then take place to allow our members to cast their vote of yes or no.

3. After the 24 hour voting period ends your number of yes' and no's received are compared. More yes' than No's means you get an accepted stamp. More No's mean you get a rejected stamp.

4. If accepted, your username will be added to the list of accepted members and full member privileges are granted. If rejected, you may try again after one month with a different set of angst.

5. Until you have been given an accepted stamp by a mod you may ONLY comment in your post. NO commenting on other members post and/or their personal journals. If you do, a warning will be given once then banning happens.

6. After you have been accepted, sit back and relax, knowing that you have shared your hard earned angst.

7. By joining this community you agree to abide by LJ's rules found in the LJ terms of service agreement. Failure to follow this agreement will result in your immediate banning.

Have fun with your teeny-angst.

Tips for good angst.

Always abreviate spelling.
You - u
Hate - H8
Be - b
See - c
Know - now

Never capitialize.
Capitalization is for those freak conformists. Forget that it makes things easier to read.

Death is the answer to all of lifes problems.
If you don't know where to turn in life, death is probably going to get you somewhere.

Parents are always out to get you.
Your parents will never love you, they will always love your siblings more.